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Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations or infiltration work involves the deployment of an investigator to work within the company’s system as an employee or with a specific target person to obtain information and evidence in support of the client’s case. Advanced equipments will be deployed to facilitate the extraction of information.

Ethical Detectives offer private investigations and undercover agent services for the public and private sector. We can help provide you with the proof, evidence or documentation either to take action or provide peace of mind that your suspicions were baseless.

Most noteworthy evidence holds the key in the court of law since court make decisions based on the evidence and not just allegations.

Ethical Detectives are fully capable of carrying out Undercover Operations supporting:

  • Location of Witness
  • Family and Personal Investigations
  • Infidelity / Cheating Investigations
  • Divorce Cases
  • Child Abuse / Domestic Violence
  • Child Support Investigations
  • Babysitting / Child care Investigations
  • Stalking / Harassment / Bullying cases
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Inspection / Monitoring
  • Investigations of Employee Misconduct
  • Executive Protection
  • Work productivity
  • Safety Concerns and Issues
  • Legal Investigations
  • Financial Investigations

Tracking people to find out their whereabouts and activities.

■ Mystery Shopping

This involves a compilation of data through unbiased evaluation of customer service standards by deployment of investigators to pose as genuine customers who will visit the targeted premise. This will provide our clients with a true snapshot of the standards of the service that their company is providing, as well as assist our clients to identify and deal with unproductive and unprofessional employees.

Furthermore our undercover operatives are able to extract useful information about the shop-floor staff, security and other internal workings of the business. As a result this information can be invaluable to management in assessing productivity, efficiency, stock control and other management concerns such as loss prevention.

Undercover operations are most probably carried out quietly and secretly without making much fuss.