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Threats , Blackmail , Extortion

Are you receiving threatening calls or messages? Are you currently being blackmailed and extorted by individuals who threaten you or members of your family with making public certain incriminating information / photos / videos that they have of you in exchange for money or property or services or sexual needs? You need to take decisive action!

Threats, blackmail and extortion are some of the crimes that are mostly neglected, if timely actions are not taken then it will lead to serious consequences.

Extortion is the illegal act of unlawfully obtaining money, property, services or information from a person, company or organization.
In modern society, most communication takes place via the internet and phone. Whether it is Call, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or even good old email, criminals will use it to their advantage.  As a result Blackmail and Extortion is fast becoming a major threat.

Ethical Detectives know how to deal with such matters since it is a serious offence.
From threatening phone call tracing to counter-surveillance we can assist you in stopping the threat through prosecution.

Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by the threat of being exposed. Our focus is to get your life back while protecting your interests and reputation.
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