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Pre-matrimonial investigation

People today are much more curious about their partner’s past than they used to be. It appears that more and more people wish to know about their significant other’s past, whether it be a past marriage, past financial history, employment history, criminal background or whom they have lived with throughout their life.
The tiniest doubt can grow into the biggest problem in any relationship.

-In case of arranged marriage:

Pre-Matrimonial checks are increasingly common in arranged marriages in the Indian community. It is hardly surprising given that weddings cam be extremely expensive, that a family or partner want to know more about the person they are proposing to marry. Families simply want to safeguard their children’s future and given that the marriage may be arranged, little may be known about a potential suitor. Get peace of mind and complete confidence or, at worst, avoid falling into a dangerous trap. A pre-marital check can be a good way to find out whether you are being told the truth before its too late.

-In case of love marriage

Everyone has secrets, and that includes your significant other. There might be a mine field out there with lots of horror stories. No matter how much you want to trust what they are telling you, it is important to be sure of their past before you get married.

*Suspicious Signs to Look Out for in Your Partner:

  • Does your partner avoid talking about their past?
  • Or, do their stories appear too vague or unusually descriptive?
  • Have they introduced you to their family or close friends?
  • Do you know their address and home phone number?
  • Do they display a suspiciously keen interest in your finances?

Contact Ethical Detectives if you have noticed any of the above behaviors.

Ethical Detectives conduct a full background check on a potential spouse to verify any details that they may have told you or your family. In addition we cross check all the given facts from the other family to our client’s family. Furthermore we will provide you with a highly detailed report on the individual. Hence it will enable you and your family to make a clear and concise decision on whether the individual is a suitable match.

We maintain 100% confidentiality and carry out investigation secretly. We perform very discreet surveillance.

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. You must know everything there is to know about your soon to be husband or wife.

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