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Post Matrimonial Investigation

post matrimonial investigationpost matrimonial investigation

Why post matrimonial investigation?
You deserve to know whether the person you love has turned into a cheater, an adulterer, a liar or an entirely different person altogether.
You know that their behaviour is impacting their relationships, their work, and their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

we conduct surveillance and undercover investigation to confirm whether or not your spouse or partner is having an affair or is a drug or alcohol abuse or has gambling addiction.

It is difficult to know how to help someone struggling with a drug problem, gambling addiction or alcoholism. If their addictive behaviour is affecting their life and yours then in this case consider hiring a private detective to investigate their addiction and get all the information about their situation.

You may be concerned about your future and your children.
You need evidence – proof that will enable you to make an informed decision about your future with this person.you can’t confront them without evidence, and you know they won’t tell you the truth about their problem.
We provide you the evidence for you to decide whether you need to take action to protect yourself, or to find a way to convince them to get help, this information is vital.

-The most prominent signs of a cheating partner or infidelity are:
  • They tell you they need their own space for a while
  • Suddenly they have to work late more often
  • They become more irritated than usual
  • You see sensual or sexually explicit texts or email messages on their cell phone
  • They are not interested in making love as much
  • They Started ignoring you or become less interested in you
  • Their usual prompt dog walks suddenly take much longer
  • Their gym workouts become longer
  • They stopped showing signs of casual affection or holding your hand in the public place
  • Be incredibly protective when it comes to their phone
  • Put protective locks like PINs and passwords onto their phone and/or computer suddenly
  • Keep their phone bill hidden
  • Reset their account passwords (email, Facebook, etc.)
  • Open alternative email accounts, be on the internet late into the night, and make sure to delete their browser history and messages on their phone.
-Following are the signs of drug/alcohol abuse and gambling
  • Frequently work late nights at the office and are away from home for longer than usual.
  • Be more irritable and guarded.
  • Often plan trips on short notice and choose the destinations that are known for drug,alcohol or gambling.
  • They tell you they need their own space for a while.

Ethical Detectives go above and beyond to deliver the evidence that either confirms or refutes your suspicions.