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post employment verification

Post Employment Verification

The following are some of the reasons why post employment verification / surveillance become necessary:
-If you become aware of possible conduct by an employee that may justify disciplinary action or even dismissal if it is found to have occurred, for example a breach of an organisation rule or policy, or illegal conduct.
-If an employee lodges a complaint about the behaviour of another employee, for example concerning sexual harassment, bullying or micro-management

Incidents that Ethical Detectives investigate includes allegations of theft or fraud, embezzlement, fighting, harassment, drug abuse, breaches of safety provisions, damage or misuse of company property (eg vehicles, computers), discrimination, violate workplace rights, etc.

Post Employment Verification becomes important in the following cases:
-To determine whether alleged incidents actually occurred
-To identify and take account of any mitigating circumstances of the alleged incidents.

Ethical Detectives perform surveillance on the target employee to discover:
-What do they do after office hours?
-Are they involved in a parallel business?
-Are they meeting your competitors?

The bottom line for management is: only act on the basis of provable facts, not hearsay or suspicions, and be able to justify every action you take.