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Mobile Forensics   mobile forensics

Mobile forensics is very important to find out the activities of your spouse or partner , children , family members and employees.

The most noteworthy fact about mobile phones is that they frequently contain crucial evidence that can be forensically recovered even after it has been deleted.

Our mobile phone forensics analysts are able to examine mobile phones and SIM cards as well as memory cards that are now commonly contained within them for any data present, including text messages, call records, voice recordings, photographs and videos.

We can extract all the deleted or lost data from the phone memory.

We are experts in data retrieval, the information extraction and analysis of mobile phones and computers since we have the experience, skills and resources to recover data or unmasking harassing phone calls.

Ethical Detectives are able to produce the Mobile Phone Forensics evidence retrieved in a clear and concise format that is understandable to the client and it can be used in court proceedings if it is required.

The information found on mobile phones can be used as legal evidence since it is admissible in court.

Mobile phone forensics has helped private investigators uncover some of the toughest legal cases in court.