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internal vigilance

Internal Vigilance

Commercial crime, fraud, theft, conspiracy, money laundering and insider trading are just a few of the business executive’s constant fears. Ethical Detectives are used to mitigate these risks and neutralize the threats that have the potential to put your business and reputation in danger.

A successful business is the result of years of effort spent creating and accumulating assets of all types. Inevitably, your successful enterprise will see its sustainability challenged by predators seeking to take advantage of your
accomplishments for their own enrichment.

Ethical Detectives provide the investigative expertise and experience necessary to detect, deter, and defeat the threats to your organization. We protect what you have built, so that you can focus on building towards future successes and

–Economic Crime:

Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks & Theft
Asset Misappropriation, Conflict of Interest
Fraudulent Misrepresentation

–Workplace Investigations:

Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement
High Risk Terminations
Workplace Violence & Threat Analysis
Key Employee & Vendor Screening
Undercover & Covert Surveillance
Drug & Alcohol Abuse