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insurance investigation

Insurance Investigation

Ethical Detectives provides insurance investigation services to insurance companies to obtain evidence that will help your claims manager or adjuster determine if a person has filed a potentially fraudulent insurance claim.

False claims covered by insurance policies are a problem that insurance companies face more and more often. In this regard, Ethical Detectives investigates and verifies in order to obtain proof and evidence in the case of potential fraudulent insurance claims.

Although sometimes it is clear that certain compensation claims are the result of fraud attempts, many of these cases are difficult to prove and require evidence for the insurance company to refuse to pay them.

Ethical Detectives carry out investigations that involve a thorough verification of the facts, obtaining information and operative surveillance work. We also focus on identifying the witnesses of the event in question and obtaining statements from them.
We know what to look for and how to document a case of insurance fraud. When we discuss both the complainant and the witnesses, we know how to represent your company in a positive way, while conducting the investigation perfectly. In fact, we know what questions to ask and we have the necessary experience to obtain and analyze the available information.


We provide assistance to Insurance Companies that handle fraudulent, false or frivolous claims associated with:

General insurance fraud
Workers’ compensation insurance
Disability insurance
Health insurance
Life Insurance / Death Investigations
Wrongful Death Claims
Property insurance
General claims of accidents
Auto insurance
Casualty, Bodily and Serious Injury Claims.