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According to the dictionary, infidelity means being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner, which simply means that your girlfriend /wife or your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you.

We have discovered number of Infidelity Signs and ways to find out if your spouse or partner is cheating on you or being unfaithful. Go through this list that we have prepared and check out for yourself which one applies to you and then take necessary actions to tackle them before it is too late.

Is your Spouse or Partner :

  • Spending more time on the Mobile phone?
  • Suddenly working so much overtime ?
  • Never wanting to spend much time with you ?
  • Spending more time away from home recently ?
  • Deleting the browser history and using social networking sites ?
  • Spending odd hours or unusually long times on their computer ?
  • Changing screen displays when you enter rooms ?
  • Not interested in making love as much ?
  • Started ignoring you ?
  • Planning vacations/trips away for you ?
  • Showing weird changes in work schedules ?
  • Showing Personality or behavior changes ?
  • Taking phone calls in the other rooms ?
  • Changing their Perfume, clothing, hairstyle, jewellery, etc ?
  • Hiding money or Property/assets ?
  • Finding faults with everything you do ?
  • Becoming emotionally distant ?

Also found by Ethical Detectives:

  • Unlisted calls to the house and the caller immediately hangs up ?
  • Mobile phone or credit card statements disappearing ?
  • Unknown charges on credit card statements, unexplained receipts ?
  • Phone calls on the accounts to a numbers you don’t recognize ?
  • Odd restaurant/hotel charges on accounts ?

The internet is one of the main reason for the majority of infidelity cases which has destroyed marriages and relationships. Most people think they would know if their partner was cheating, numerous affairs will go on for months / years unnoticed until it is too late to do anything about them.

Call Ethical Detectives if you think your spouse or partner is cheating on you, you are entitled to know the truth!

Hiring a private investigator is the best way to catch a cheating partner.

Ethical Detectives put an end to your fear and anxiety, and get you the truth and peace of mind you need to move forward with your life. . We are well equipped to handle the toughest of cases when it comes to cheating partners and cases of infidelity. We utilise the latest spy gadgets and technology to remain discreet and go unnoticed while catching a cheating spouse.