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stalking and harassmentstalking and harassment

Stalking & Harassment

If you feel you are being stalked or harassed, Ethical Detectives can help you to take evasive action!
Stalking and harassment are the crimes that are often ignored by the law enforcement or are simply dealt with by those being harassed or stalked. This is a losing battle since you will do nothing more than incite a game response.

People usually do not take action until the problem gets very serious. We confirm the source of the stalking / harassment, Obtain evidence and prepare a professional report for the Police.
Apprehension can only be made once the law enforcement is fully aware of the evidence and the location of the stalker or harasser.

You must take decisive action before the situation goes out of control. Actions taken sooner the better to avoid future consequences.

You deserve to feel safe and be safe. Ethical Detectives can help you.

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