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Forensics Services

Forensics science is the application of scientific methods and processes to solve crimes and answer questions in the legal proceedings.

The extraction of data from any storage device is carried out maintaining the maximum possible integrity of the information recovered and is achieved by forensically imaging a copy of the source media.

All computer forensics examinations are carried out using up to date technology following the relevant guidelines and protocols.

Forensic investigation is also important to determine if your smartphones , personal computers or other devices have been tampered with to record your movements, trace your location, record your conversations to give you peace of mind.

Ethical detectives understand the need for PC/computer forensics and mobile phones investigations in case of hate emails, abuse of the internet by employees, domestic cases, criminal cases, cases of deception and industrial espionage, unfortunately it has caused many people to look for some type of solid evidence to produce proof of such acts.

In crime investigation – Fingerprints are the best means to prove the identity of a criminal. Most of the criminal cases do not have an eye witness or other evidence.
Even the testimony of an eye witness can be strongly challenged in a court of law. But one can never deny his presence at a crime scene if his fingerprints are collected there. A fingerprint acts as conclusive evidence.

-Fingerprint forensics is considered during investigation of murder, theft, Burglary and also in kidnapping and abduction cases.

-Many forms of writing and documents may be encountered as evidence in the course of investigation in domestic and criminal cases, hence handwriting forensics become important.