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fingerprint forensics

Fingerprint Forensics

The most valuable clues at the scene of crime are finger prints and palm prints. Such prints are the strongest evidence and serve as the most important tool in the hands of law enforcement authorities for identification of individuals.

Nature has made fingerprint a sign – manual that differentiates one person from another and tells the truth whether pointing to a culprit or clearing an innocent of a false accusation and thus provides public safety.

It’s well known that fingerprints are unique and no two individuals have yet been observed to possess identical ridge characteristics. It has been calculated that the chance of two fingerprints being identical is 1 in 64,000,000,000.

Fingerprints are the best means to prove the identity of a criminal. Fingerprint forensics is mostly considered during investigation of murder, theft, Burglary and also in kidnapping and abduction cases.

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