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Corporate Investigations

The following is a list of Corporate Investigations service we provide. If what you specifically require is not listed here, please email us or call us and tell what you need.

Pre employment verification

We will verify the authenticity of the applicant’s resume, credentials, qualifications, education and references as well as previous employment history.

Post employment

If you doubt the honesty of your employees that they are poaching clients from your business or transferring/selling sensitive information to your competitors, Ethical Detectives conduct surveillance on the doubtful employees to find out the truth.

Competitive Business Intelligence

Dethical Detectives can provide intelligence about your competitors or potential competitors, including their possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities, can identify potential risk areas and market threats and provide comprehensive research into the competitive environment that you are in.
Competitive intelligence investigations are unique, as they often require an extensive background investigations in business operations and surveillance.

Internal Vigilance

Top level management has little or no personal connections with the staff, Ethical Detectives conduct investigations within the work place to ensure better working environment.

Employee background verification

It is important to verify the credentials of the candidate before giving him/her the employment. Hence ethical Detectives perform background ckecks of the candidates.

Insurance Claims

Ethical Detectives specialize in providing surveillance and investigative services to large insurance companies to assist in combating fraudulent claims.

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