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competitive business intelligence competitive business intelligence

Competitive Business Intelligence

Competitive Business Intelligence services provide adequate information about the internal as well as external business environment: market, clients, competitors, trends, innovations, regulations and laws.

The threats which warrant special concern are:

  • Public opinion – a company must be concerned with damage to its reputation and good will.
  • Surreptitious leakage of proprietary information.
  • Talent piracy of key employees.
  • Sabotage and violence.
  • Trumped up charges by law-enforcement agencies.

Ethical Detectives provide the necessary evidence if you suspect one of your employees, contracted personnel or other persons that are related to your company are illegally acting against the interests of the company.

If you want discrete evidence of their actions, then Ethical Detectives can help.

Action areas where operative corporate surveillance can offer
solutions are:

  • Involvement of employees with competitor companies;
  • Suspected fraudulent sick leave;
  •  Suspected illegal activities;
  • Falsification of worked work hours;
  • Economic espionage;
  • Company theft.
Involving employees with competing companies:

If a company employee works / co-operates with your competitor, then it can affect your company both in terms of a possible legal conflict of interest and of theft / transfer of data and information from your company to your competitor. In such cases surveillance operatives can provide video or photo evidence of their activities.

Fraudulent sick leave:

There are numerous cases where employees obtained a doctor’s agreement for medical leave without being really sick and in need for this, but the company pays for the salary, medical insurance etc. Also, they can work elsewhere during this period, thus receiving two incomes. This can affect not only the activity of the company from a financial standpoint, but may also be illegal.

Suspected illegal activities:

Employees involved in illegal activities such as counterfeiting of goods or property theft, can have a negative impact on the company. Conducted in a professional manner, operative surveillance can provide evidence and proof in order to stop illegal activities and bringing to justice the persons involved.

False working hours:

Any employee or contracted personnel can claim that the usual working hours were rendered, but without them actually working. For example, salespeople involved in visiting customers as part of their daily activities may lie about where they were and what they did. The effects that can occur in these cases are the loss of customers and, therefore, of the company’s revenues.

Economic espionage:

Economic or industrial espionage activities are defined as either company secrets theft or technological surveillance for attempted thefts of data and information.

Information transferred to another competitor can make the difference between success and failure.

If company secrets are stolen or sensitive information reaches your competitors, it can seriously tip the balance of success in their favor. Ethical Detectives can help remove economic espionage risks.

Competitive business intelligence facilitates smooth passage for the company.